About us

Being a patient means that you will be dropped into a world full of choices. Information will be thrown at you from all directions. You will be making decisions that you have never even considered before. How will you make sure that you have the right information at your disposal? How can you make decisions with your treating physician that work the best for you?


Giving the best quality of life to individual patients: that is our most important goal.

For this reason, we strengthen the knowledge of both the patient and the professional and we support them in making healthcare choices. We offer the most complete, relevant and personalised information in a user-friendly way. This makes doctors better equipped to know which treatments work best in specific situations —because every patient is unique and every situation is different.

Our name

Florence Nightingale is often called the founder of modern nursing. She collected an enormous quantity of information about death, illness, and living conditions in hospitals. She converted this data into charts and statistics and used them to show what could be improved when caring for the ill.

This is exactly what we do. We grow wiser from the large quantity of data and knowledge we collect, just like Nightingale. Smart, clear, and enlightening: bright —that is the heart of Brightingale.


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