Decision support

Brightingale believes that decision support in healthcare provides the potential to keep track of all the latest insights and apply them in medical practice. Above all, decision support helps the doctor to better coordinate treatment choices with the patient and to employ the treatment more effectively. In this way, healthcare acquires a more personal approach, with a focus on each unique patient.

Our products

Are you getting started with decision support? Brightingale is constantly working to bring you the optimal decision-support products. We are currently working on the continued development of IBM Watson for Oncology and the SAMMI app. You can read more about these products below.

  • Evidencio

    Accurate predictions for physicians and patients based on specific attributes and data.

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  • Watson for Oncology

    Watson supports medical specialists and their patients in choosing the most appropriate treatment.

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    SAMMI helps patients stay in the best possible condition in order to be more fit before undergoing an operation, for example.

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