Brightingale has partnered with Evidencio. Together, we believe that prediction models will be of great value in medical decision-making. These models can help medical professionals make patient-specific and evidence-based decisions. Evidencio’s mission is to support the translation of scientific models into information for use in daily practice. We do this by offering simple tools for adding, using, and/or validating models.

For more information, please visit the Evidencio website.


Brightingale collaborates with Medical Research Data Management (MRDM). MRDM is an expert in the field of data security and privacy, and unlocks and processes medical data from healthcare institutions and data providers. MRDM is NEN7510 and ISO27001 certified.

Together with IBM and the Ministry of Public Health, MRDM is an initiator of the first Dutch Health Deal, regarding decision support in oncology.

Would you like to know more about this Health Deal? Read more.

Are you curious about MRDM? View the website.


Brightingale has partnered with IBM on IBM Watson for Oncology. Watson is a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform developed by IBM. We share the goal of introducing Watson for use in oncology in Dutch hospitals. This will allow all Dutch hospitals to use a version of Watson that can be applied to situations in the Netherlands. Together with our partner MRDM and IBM, we are hard at work localising Watson for the Netherlands and aligning it with the Dutch healthcare system.



Value2Health is our partner in the field of value-based healthcare (VBHC). VBHC is all about creating value for patients: Did the treatment result in a solution that was meaningful for the patient? What did this treatment cost?

High quality and low cost result in high-value healthcare. This is what Value2Health stands for.

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