Evidencio provides healthcare professionals and patients with accurate predictions tailored to the individual situation of the patient. In doing so, Evidencio answers questions such as “How likely is it that I will experience complications after this hip operation?” or “What are the chances of severe vomiting during my treatment?”

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Decision-support models for healthcare professionals and patients

Decision-support models such as Evidencio are research-based instruments that support medical professionals in the decision-making process. Healthcare professionals are well qualified to provide reliable information about available treatments. However, providing information about the direct impact of treatments on an individual is difficult. Each patient is unique and wants to know what to expect in their personal situation. The predictions provided by Evidencio are based on specific patient characteristics. Due to this, Evidencio is able to offer estimations tailored to the individual situation of the patient instead of just averages.

In addition to providing reliable estimations tailored to the individual, the Evidencio platform supports the transition from medical research to daily medical practice. This offers a solution to the exponential growth of the number of scientific publications, which makes it difficult to keep track of all the latest literature.

How does Evidencio work?

Evidencio is an interactive platform that provides healthcare professionals with access to validated prediction models. Based on the literature and specific patient attributes, Evidencio provides an accurate prediction. It is not necessary for healthcare professionals to keep track of the literature in Evidencio. This makes it easy to always use the model best suited to the situation. The results can easily be converted into a PDF file for storage in the patient file. Healthcare professionals can add models themselves, validate them, and then make them available to colleagues.

The starting point for joint decision-making

As a patient, you want the treatment that works best to maximise your quality of life. As a healthcare provider, you want to offer the treatment that is best suited to the personal situation of the patient. In order for healthcare providers and patients to come to joint decisions, reliable and relevant information is required. This is especially important when it pertains to serious decisions involving the illness and treatment. Decision-support models such as Evidencio aid healthcare professionals and patients in making joint, well-informed treatment choices.

  • Accurate, patient-specific, and validated predictions for joint decision-making
  • Add models, validate them locally, and share them with colleagues
  • User-friendly thanks to the automatic calculations and model combination
  • A bridge between science and daily medical practice
  • Results provided in a PDF file for storage in the patient file
  • The quality, validation, and literature are clear and understandable

Would you like to read more about the status of Evidencio and what it can do for you as a healthcare provider or patient? If so, please read more on this page.

How can I use Evidencio as a healthcare provider?

Brightingale has partnered with Evidencio on the Evidencio platform. On the Evidencio website, you can sign up for a free account with no obligations. This provides you with access to the platform and you can add, validate, and use the models.

In order to use Evidencio professionally at your practice or hospital, please contact Brightingale. Through its partnership with Brightingale, Evidencio provides the option to integrate with your Electronic Health Record (EHR). This makes access to the models even easier for you and the model results can be saved easily for each patient. Over time, certain variables can be automatically filled in, which further decreases the effort involved in keeping records.

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