An app linked to an exercise machine that helps patients stay in the best possible shape: say hello to SAMMI.

The importance of a good condition

In addition to the fact that movement is just healthy in general, exercising at home can also help with things such as getting fitter before surgery or to keep yourself in good shape in order to positively impact the effects of a chronic condition. For example, for someone with Parkinson’s disease, being in good shape has a positive effect on the complications that are associated with the illness. SAMMI can help create a training programme tailored to the patient’s needs and make it possible to exercise at home under the guidance of a physical therapist.

For which pathologies is SAMMI available?

We are working on making SAMMI available for patients with Parkinson’s disease and for patients that must undergo invasive abdominal surgery. In the future, SAMMI may be used for multiple purposes.

How does SAMMI support me as a patient?

When you are ill or require surgery, it is important for you to stay in the best possible shape. The app on the tablet makes it possible for you to train without having to visit the physical therapist. The exercise machine can be kept at home, which removes one more obstacle between you and working out. You can exercise at home under the guidance of your physical therapist with a training programme specially tailored to your needs.

How does SAMMI support me as a healthcare professional?

SAMMI can take a lot of the work out of your hands. You will guide the patient in using the app, keep the patient motivated, and conduct a weekly test at the patient’s home. You can monitor the rest of the exercise from a distance. It is no longer necessary to see a patient multiple times a week at your practice.

The different applications of SAMMI