Personal treatment plan

One in three people will battle cancer in their lifetime. Fortunately, the number of potential treatments is on the rise and the science is developing rapidly.

Decision support

We are progressively learning more about what works for specific people in certain situations. What works well for one person may not work as well for another or may even have a negative effect. It is a challenge for medical specialists to keep track of all this knowledge and apply it quickly in practice. Especially, when you consider that every hour a new piece of clinical research is published.

Watson is here to help. This super computer provides personalised treatment advice based on the latest information.

  • Watson – cancer

    What is the treatment that is best for you and how will it impact your life? Watson provides physicians with the latest medical insights.

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  • Evidencio – cancer

    You probably have a lot of questions about your treatment. You want to know what the expectations are in your own personal situation.

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